Why roofing companies fail?

A new F-150 is not an investment in your company. Why is that important? Because many roofers go out of business for good reason. If you know what to look for when comparing estimates, these reasons are usually obvious before you hire. Things like poor customer service, poor quality work, and even toxic company culture can indicate a contractor’s impending failure.

If a contractor does business this way, your roofing job is likely to suffer in their hands. Many roofers and companies offer incredible warranty policies. Some even cover life-long repairs. For some, this may seem like enough security to cover bad experiences or poor quality work that you might run into, but consider how this might play out in reality with a small contractor.

Roofers who don’t have organized processes often struggle when it comes to onboarding new employees, managing new leads, and keeping track of spending throughout the pipeline. While word of mouth and referrals are great ways to generate new leads and grow your business, you need more than that to really get the word out about your roofing services and company. Offering a warranty is certainly good business practice. However, keep in mind that most roofers will go out of business in the next few years. Everything you and your roofing company do must have a proper process to keep everyone on the same page and nothing falls through the cracks.

We’ve seen many roofers do this successfully over the years and nothing brings us more joy than the chance to see a new roofer make their first profit or hire their first employee. A trusted roofing company will not do business without being bound (required by law to complete the work), well insured against damage, and being duly licensed for roofing in your area. Of course, there are plenty of others too, but these are some of the main reasons why roofers could fail. Build a presence on social media by creating pages for your roofing company that then link to your website, and then invest a bit of money in some ads you’d like to see on those pages and in some search engines like Google and Bing to get some interested homeowners in your address the service area.

When it comes to growing a small business, it’s important to get things right off the bat, particularly when it comes to operating in such a high-turnover sector as the roofing industry. If they’re having a negative impact on your roofing company, it’s time to let them go and find someone who wants to be there. On the other hand, starting a roofing company without knowing the pros and cons of the technical side of construction can equally affect the life of your business. Start with a website that explains what type of roofing services you offer, present your team and company, and leave a short contact form for curious homeowners to reach out to you for more information or an estimate.

To make it in the roofing business, it is important that you have both business knowledge and contract experience.