Why are there so many roofing companies?

Because roofers don’t require any education or any formal training in most areas and many crackheads believe they can do that. They take advantage of people’s fears that their homes are in danger or that reputable DIY companies are too expensive. There are a few roofers who specialize in working on residential real estate. There are others that only work on commercial roofs.

In addition, there are some roofing companies that prefer to do roof repairs over installations and others that spend most of their time doing roof inspections. Your job is to find a roofer to provide the specific services you need. You can usually find the services that a roofing company offers on their website. Protecting property is very important but is largely ignored by both homeowners and roofing companies.

Most roofing companies can provide homeowners with asphalt shingles, but not all are qualified to install more advanced roofing options such as metal and tile roofs. One of the interesting things about roofers — and many home services companies in general — is that there is plenty of room to introduce recurring revenue models to the company. Giving up your insurance money for an upgrade of any kind means you have to have less money in the roofing companies’ pocket. The roofing business has evolved over the last 15 years and I was able to see the changes first-hand and how they’ve affected insurance companies, homeowners, and contractors across the country.

If you look at the trends around publicly traded roofing companies in the chart below, you can see that they tend to do very well and economic difficulties are easing. Most roofing companies send salespeople out to knock on your doors and inspect your roof. Finding roofing companies for sale is as easy as browsing a site like BizBuySell, but before you do that, you should try to understand the industry as much as you can. Owens Corning and Beacon Roofing Supply are two of the largest publicly traded roofing companies on the market.

In general, most insurance companies require 6-8 hits per test square on a 25-year-old shingle roof and 8-10 hits per test square on a 30-year shingle roof. For this reason, it’s not hard at all to find roofing companies in Fort Wayne, IN, or any other part of the country. Most shingle manufacturers do not extend a warranty if the roof was installed without the correct attic ventilation system or if the roof was not properly installed. Finding an honest roofer (among so many self-proclaimed roofing companies and experts) and one with enough practical experience to really know what they’re doing is the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to your insurance money.

Since most homeowners regard roofing work as a commodity, they are effectively increasing the focus of the majority of roofing companies to complete quick turnover jobs. There are more than 100,000 roofing companies with more than 260,000 employees who work for these companies.