How much do roofing shingles cost?

The proven architectural laminate roof shingle from CertainTeed, Landmark, is designed to replicate the look and feel of cedar shaking roofs. Landmark is available in an impressive range of colors to match any paneling, stucco, or cladding. Impact-resistant roofs can be found in many types of materials, from inherently tough metal roofs to shingles with rubberized polymers that are mixed into asphalt to withstand heavy blows. Since a roof is easily visible, you need shingles that reflect your aesthetic and design preferences. If you opt for solar shingles, your roofing can actually generate clean energy, reducing your reliance on utilities that still run primarily on fossil fuels.

What are shingles on a roof?

While your options may seem overwhelming, this page will help you evaluate different types of shingles and develop a range of criteria for choosing the right product for your roof. Although installation can be completed faster with shingles than with other materials, regardless of project size, it is important that standard safety measures are followed, especially if you are working from a height or if you are an inexperienced roofer. Many shingle systems benefit from being placed on a backing material such as asphalt felt paper to prevent leaks even in wind-driven rain and snow and ice dams in cold climates. Since a roof is easily visible, you need shingles that reflect your aesthetic and design preferences.

What are the disadvantages of a shingle roof?

Although there are some concerns about choosing shingle roofs, the numerous benefits make them a superior choice. At the same time, shingles have many drawbacks, including their vulnerability to weather damage, shorter life expectancy, lack of energy efficiency, and vulnerability to moss and mildew. Asphalt shingles are usually cut in a “three-flap pattern,” but are also available in many different shapes, styles, and colors. Asphalt shingles offer many benefits, including their affordability, installation, repair process, and style.

Luxury shingles, also known as premium or designer shingles, are generally significantly larger than traditional asphalt shingles.